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About Dr. Teresa Bryant

A Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Teresa Bryant is a distinguished businesswoman whose professional and civic contributions have left an indelible mark on our community. 

With a rich background as a licensed registered nurse and an esteemed doctoral degree in psychology, Dr. Bryant exemplifies a unique blend of healthcare expertise and psychological insight. Her commitment to the public interest has been the driving force behind her lifelong endeavors to foster substantial improvements within her community.

At the age of 60, Dr. Bryant is pursuing a significant new chapter in her career by seeking election as a NYS Senate in District 4. Her educational journey is impressive, with a nursing degree from Farmingdale University, a certification as a Legal Nurse Consultant from Molly College, a Ph.D. in Psychology from St. Thomas University, and legal studies at Adelphi University. Dr. Bryant's professional experience is equally commendable, having served Suffolk County's Department of Social Services as a Medical Services Specialist and dedicating over 30 years to community leadership. This includes her roles on the Board of Directors and as the Executive Board Treasurer of the Central Islip Civic Council, as well as being a 1st Treasurer and founding member of the Central Islip Islandia Rotary Club. Her commitment to literacy, health, and civic engagement is further evidenced by her positions with the Rotary Club of Islip, the Islip Town Branch NAACP, and her pastoral work with the Global Leaders Outreach Network.

Dr. Bryant's entrepreneurial spirit shines through her ownership of a daycare in Central Islip, demonstrating her commitment to nurturing the next generation. Her extensive involvement with the Central Islip School District, including roles on the Special Education CSE Board, Attendance and Truancy Board, and the Safe and Drug-Free School Committee Board, highlights her dedication to creating supportive educational environments.

Her vision for New York’s Senate District 4 is one of comprehensive improvement, focusing on enhancing quality of life, addressing mental health and homelessness, supporting law enforcement and small businesses, advocating for educational support, and bolstering community safety and infrastructure. Dr. Bryant's recognition, including a recent feature in Newsday as one of the Leading Women in Business in Suffolk County and receiving awards for her outstanding community service, speaks volumes of her impact.

Now, as she steps moves forward as Senate candidate for New York District 4, Dr. Teresa Bryant stands as a testament to the power of dedicated service, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of her community. Her journey from a health professional to a community leader and now a political candidate showcases her multifaceted contributions and her relentless pursuit of positive change for NY’s District 4 and beyond.

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