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Dr. Teresa Bryant

On The Campaign

From my earliest days as a community leader, I have been driven to serve. As a mother, a church leader, an activist and a businesswoman, I have been on the forefront of addressing pressing issues within the community. As a candidate for NYS Senate, I am committed to continuing my work on behalf of the people. With your support, we can continue to move forward and face the complex challenges facing our state today. Let's create a brighter, more prosperous future for our community together.

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Protect Our Residents

Teresa is committed to making a difference in her community and fighting for the issues that matter most to the residents in NYS Senate District 4. Her focus on public safety stems from her personal connection to service in the field, and it is something she is passionate about bringing to the forefront in her campaign. With experience that includes working with non-profit organizations and a proven track record of success, Teresa is the candidate that residents of her district can trust to do what's right for them and represent their interests in Albany.


Dr. Bryant's background and qualifications make her uniquely experienced in ensuring a high quality of life for all Long Islanders. As a mother, grandmother, community leader and activist, she has been advocating for environmental protection for many years. She has seen firsthand the effects of pollution on our air and water, and is committed to working toward a cleaner and healthier Long Island. With your support, we can make real progress toward a better future.

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Make Suffolk Safer and More Affordable



I understand that affordable housing is a major concern for many families in NYS Senate District 4. With the influx of migrants, it's important that we have effective, legal immigration policies in place.


But we also need to ensure that future generations have access to affordable housing. As your advocate, I will fight for policies that support our community and work to find creative solutions to this pressing issue.


Mental Health Services

Mental health is a key priority in my campaign. I know that more resources and support are needed to address the complex challenges facing our community, and I am fully committed to promoting mental wellness and reducing stigma around these issues. I believe that by investing in mental health services, we can work to address the root causes of other issues such as drugs, crime and education, and help build a stronger, more resilient community. With your support, we can work together to make our community a healthier, happier and more prosperous place for all.



As a mother and a grandmother, I know that education is critical for our children and their future. That's why I am running for NYS Senate District 4, and I am committed to protecting the rights of parents to control their children's education. I strongly believe that our children deserve the best, and that's why I fully support the advancement of technology and the provision of extra resources in schools. I will always fight for our children.

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